50 Stories in 50 Weeks

Since 1968, St. Ambrose has been serving Baltimore by creating safe, affordable homes and supporting strong and diverse neighborhoods. On this site we invite you take a look at our work over the last 50 years. We’ll share a new story each week for 50 weeks from the people and places that have made St. Ambrose the organization that it is today.


St. Ambrose Stories

Jesse's Story

Jesse’s Story

Jesse's St. Ambrose story spans 31 years, from his first job after college to board membership and beyond. Below is the ...
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Saint Ambrose of Baltimore Home-Sharing Matching

Millie’s Homesharing Story

For Millie, Homesharing is fun, but it also may have saved her life ...
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Cathy's Story

Cathy’s Story

Cathy Semans started working at St. Ambrose when she was 22 years old. Her story is about the people of ...
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Weinberg's Gift to St. Ambrose

Weinberg’s Gift to St. Ambrose

In 1995, St. Ambrose received a challenge grant from the Weinberg Foundation to create an endowment for the agency. More ...
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We DON'T Buy Houses

We DON’T Buy Houses

In 2006, frustrated with the yellow "WE BUY HOUSES" signs that were beginning to pop up around the city, St ...
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Vincent Quayle (Short)

The early years according to Vinnie Quayle

St. Ambrose founder Vinnie Quayle discusses how St. Ambrose got it's start. "We're going to teach individual families how to buy ...
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Angela's Story

Angela’s Story

Angela tells the story of raising her family in a St. Ambrose rental home ...
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The Temple Stands Unfinished

The Temple Stands Unfinished

The story of the founding of St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center is woven throughout with the perspectives of the many, ...
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