Celebrate Pro-Bono Week!

October is Pro-Bono month! More than 80% of people who need civil legal help in Maryland, but can’t afford it!  Even though, legal representation can make all the difference for a family at risk of losing their home.  Lawyers can advocate for you, and fight against fraudulent scams, unreasonable bills, or unfair landlords.  They can write up wills that ensure your home is safely passed on to loved ones or family members. Lawyers can represent you in foreclosure proceedings to help secure the best possible outcome for you and your future. St. Ambrose’s legal team provides free or low cost legal services to help families find stability and security. Below are a few stories of people who came to St. Ambrose looking for help with their legal battles. They demonstrate in dollars and cents why everyone should have access to civil legal aid.

*Names of clients have been changed

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