Faye’s Story

For over twenty years Faye has been a part of the St. Ambrose family. As St. Ambrose’s receptionist, she is the first face many of our clients encounter, and she is always ready to welcome them in.

“I heard about St. Ambrose from my sister-in-law who had been working here when I started. I knew they needed help covering the front desk, so I came in on contract to fill in where they needed. Eventually, I came on full-time and it’s a good fit. I love the freedom we have, and I really enjoy all the people. Who can say they get along with everyone they work with? But I really do enjoy everyone.

Of the things St. Ambrose does, I really appreciate the first-time homebuyer classes. Me and my husband bought our first house from St. Ambrose. And I think the rental program is really special. Around the holidays when St. Ambrose gives gifts to families in our rental homes, you get to see how grateful everyone is, and it’s really special. People just can’t believe the person they rent from is helping them buy gifts for their kids.

All the people who come here are pretty good. I see people come in worried and scared they are going to lose their home, and they feel like this is their last hope. They want it to be their last stop. And we try to do that for them. There are people who come in crying and they just make you feel like crying too. When I can get them to that person to help them out, then I can sleep at night.

People often think of us as the 411 for the city. They think we do everything- and we do offer a lot. But for the things we can’t help with, we find someone who can. We just want to see these people get the help they need to keep their home.”

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