Home on Home Plate

Did you know that the Orioles used to play ball in our backyard?

Union Park was the Orioles’ stadium from 1890 to 1899. The ballpark sat right on 25th Street (then Huntingdon Avenue) between Guilford Avenue and Barclay Street. It was home to Baltimore’s first championship baseball team, which captured three straight National League pennants.


After the stadium was torn down in 1905, and a string of new homes was built.  What used to be home plate is now home to many new families. In 1970 St. Ambrose moved into the building right next to the where the old Grandstand stood, and we have been there ever since. You can see the side of our building on the left in the photo below.

One piece of the park still remains- a short, red-brick wall with an iron gate entrance that once stood next to the Union Park grandstand.  Behind that gate was once a soda stand, and now it is part of our office.

Do you know the history of your home? What you learn may surprise you. Be sure to share what you find in the comments below.

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