Looking Forward

As we wind down from last week’s celebration of St. Ambrose’s 50th year of service in Baltimore, we have the chance to reflect on our past and the people who have been a part of that journey. We look back to our roots grounded in political activism that combatted “block busting” and “red lining.” We take a moment to review the various ways we have been able to work towards our mission throughout these fifty years in our effort to create and maintain equal housing opportunities and to support strong and diverse neighborhoods.

After that reflection, as we look to our future, we realize that our mission stays the same. We will strive to ensure the stability of families by providing the homes and support services they need to grow and thrive.  In the words of our Executive Director, Gerard Joab, “While some of our service areas have adjusted to meet the changing needs of the families in our community, we will continue to work to enhance the quality of life for our residents, treating each person we encounter with the dignity and humanity they deserve.”

And we look forward to your continued support and partnerships as we work to make our city stronger together.  Thank you for helping us make Baltimore Home.

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