Lessons from a first time homebuyer

“…Take your time and don’t be rushed into finding your dream home.  There may be plenty of options, but there is only one for you.  You’ll know it’s yours because you would get a feeling of peace and you would just know.  Do not be discouraged about the setbacks that may come along with the purchase because nothing in life comes easy, but if it’s meant for you it will definitely happen…”

Danielle, a recent first-time homebuyer herself, wanted to share this piece of advice and encouragement with everyone else searching to find their perfect home.  She knows the journey can be long and challenging at times.  The paperwork can be overwhelming. But with a little help, and a St. Ambrose counselor on your side, finding the right house to call home is possible. You can have that feeling of peace from finding your home.

For Danielle, knowing that her money was going to pay for her own home instead of paying rent to someone else is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a homeowner. That and being able to decorate the place however she wants!

Danielle was able to buy her house after participating in St. Ambrose’s Homeownership counseling.  After taking a pre-purchase workshop, she and a counselor worked together to consider her individual needs and wants.  When asked what the most valuable role the counselor played, she replied that her counselor was always there to assist no matter what she needed, even helping her find funding to assist with closing costs. Her counselor helped make the dream of homeownership a reality.

To first time homebuyers, Danielle also adds, “Always Pray to find peace and clarity. Look for a home that fits your budget, it may not be perfect as far as having everything you want but you can make it home.”

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