Virginia’s Story

“You need someplace where you can make yourself comfortable- someplace you can come and go, but know you always have a place to come back to. You need someplace where you know everything is going to be alright. St. Ambrose homes are nice places and they give you that.”    -Virginia, St. Ambrose Rental Home client of 12 years

Virginia’s St. Ambrose story started when she was looking to move from her old city house on a troublesome street.  “I heard about St. Ambrose from a neighbor.  They told me that St. Ambrose had nice and affordable homes, which is what I needed.” She was introduced to the Rental Services Program Manager Leah, who was ready to show her to a few homes.

“After the first place we went to, I didn’t need to go to the second. This was a great place, and I loved it. I didn’t want to see the rest.  And I keep it looking nice. I take care of it.”

After almost 12 years Virginia has taken care of her home really well and loves it as much as ever.  And her St. Ambrose family is always ready to help her. “Leah is so sweet.  She helps me and talks to me, and it’s really nice. And when I do need help taking care of my home I call the maintenance at St. Ambrose and they take care of it. They are nice people to work with and they do it right.”


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